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Badakshan photography workshop


Afghan Youth Voices Festival staff Asil Ahmad travelled to Badakshan with photographer Jawad Jalali to run a 3-day long photography workshop. Twenty four men and women representing various community-based organizations, media and youth organizations participated in the workshop aimed to make them better photographers.

Asil Ahmad writes about the trip:

The photography project is the first such project Afghan Youth Voices Festival had organized in the Badakshan province. When I reached Feyzabad city in Badakshan, I found that it was a city that growing faster than any other provinces I had been to.

We were assisted by the Department of Women’s Affairs, and other community-based organization. There was an overwhelming amount of interest, and in the end 24 men and women participated. Some were students, some worked at local organizations and some of them were even from the media. Jawad Jalali spoke to them about lighting, basic rules of photography and showed examples of good photography.

“I knew how to photograph but I didn’t know the rules. This will help me become a better photographer,” said Mohammad Hussain, who also works as a reporter for Badakshan TV.

The participants said they would be interested in continuing photography and contributing to magazines and websites, if possible.


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