Small kid | Afghan Youth Voices Festival

Once upon a time, I wanted to travel to Pakistan as a tourist. While I was going around and sightseeing in that, a small girl came to me and asked for money.

I asked where she is from. The small girl replied slowly that she is from Afghanistan. Then I asked does she go to school. She said no. “Our home was in Kabul,” she said. “Our home was hit by a rocket. All of my family members lost their life, and I was the only one who survived because I was outside in that time. Later, a relative of mine took me to his home, but after a while he got some money from an old man and instead he forced me to marry him.”

"I was a weak girl and I was not able to do anything. So, I had to accept that old man. Now I am begging because I have to pay for his expense. I am always prying that no Muslim gets my fate," she said.

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