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Obama Mama | SIFF - Director: Vivian Norris Premiere Status: World Premiere Country: USA, Poland, France

Obama Mama

Intelligent, progressive, and steadfastly brave, Barack Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham (a lifelong globetrotter who spent her teenage years living in Mercer Island) pursued an unexpected and profound life.

May 31, 2014
6:00 PM
June 1, 2014
11:00 AM
Stanley Ann Dunham was more than the mother of the first black President of the United States of America. As an anthropologist with a Ph.D and as a lifelong globetrotter, her intelligence, progressive politics, and activism made for a profound life—one whose inspiration continues to resonate through her son, President Barack Obama. Through interviews with high school friends and colleagues, film clips, and archival footage, Obama Mama explores Dunham’s travels from small-town Kansas to Seattle, Hawaii, and Indonesia as well as her work in the Civil Rights and Feminist Movements, her dedication to raising awareness of global poverty, and her development of microcredit programs to address poverty in rural villages. Dunham is indirectly responsible for some of the greatest contributions to American and global history, especially Obama’s revolutionary health care bill. She died from cancer at the age of 52 – and had incurred several hundred dollars of unreimbursed health-care costs each month due to her cancer being considered a “pre-existing condition.” The “largeness of her heart,” as her son describes it, is the centerpiece of this inspiring documentary.

Director Biography

Vivian Norris is based in Paris and holds a PhD, focusing on Globalization Studies at the University of Washington. Currently, Dr. Norris is an independent producer and director as well as writing freelance on Business, Film, and Technology for BBC Online and The Huffington Post. She founded Vigilante VNM Productions to produce independent documentaries with social messages. 
Sponsored by 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, Black Rapid Media, CityArts
Vivian Norris
Premiere Status:
World Premiere
USA, Poland, France
Running Time:
83 minutes
Vivian Norris, Brian Woods
Vivian Norris
Bruce Hutson, Yuri Zakovitch, Ray Woodhouse, Dennis Boni
Angelos Angelidis
Josette Zakovitch, Johanna Saint-Pierre, Kate Ellis
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The Alpha-Negatron Hypothesis Version 1.6 Copyright © 2013 Pal Sahota, all rights reserved The unified hypothesis of gravity, magnetism, electromagnetic radiation and time by Pal Sahota

The Alpha-Negatron Hypothesis
                                                                Version 1.6
                                                                      Copyright © 2013 Pal Sahota, all rights reserved
     The unified hypothesis of gravity, magnetism, electromagnetic radiation and time by Pal Sahota
This hypothesis offers tangible explanations and wherever possible gives real life analogies one can relate to and tries to answer many unanswered questions relating to the subject. By studying nature it is apparent that there is a basic pattern like fractal which keeps repeating itself so it’s unlikely that what we call empty space is really empty and there is an underlying purpose or function to this ‘empty space’. The above hypothesis is based on the assumption of a basic particle of matter which is the fundamental component of all matter. This particle is infinitely smaller than an electron and it is negatively charged, thus it is called the alpha-negatron. The size of this negative charge is also proportional to its relative size compared to that of an electron which is also negatively charged. This particle is available in abundance and may also be a basic building block to form bigger particles such as electrons and neutrons. These particles exist everywhere in the universe. They exist in deep space where no physical matter is found. They also exist in between subatomic particles such as electrons and the nucleus of the atom. Due to their negative charge they repel each other and are therefore evenly spaced forming a three dimensional matrix. Gravity, magnetism and electromagnetic radiation are caused as a result of the movement of the alpha-negatrons within this matrix. 

The other assumption of this hypothesis is that the nucleus of an atom spins on its own axis. This is a reasonable assumption based on the above fact that nature has a basic pattern. The atom resembles a mini ‘solar system’ and both the sun and the planets possess spin. The electron spins around the nucleus and the probability is that it may also spin on its own axis. The movement of the electrons PUSH the alpha-negatrons into mini whirlpools due to their negative charge. The two fundamental component particles of the nucleus are neutrons and protons. A neutron has no charge but the proton has the equivalent positive charge of the electron. The spin of the nucleus therefore PULLS the alpha-negatrons into a spiral motion due to its positive charge. Since the size of the nucleus is infinitely larger than that of an electron, its effect on the surrounding alpha-negatrons is proportionally larger. There are two types of currents circulating in the alpha-negatron atmosphere, one caused by the movement of electrons and the other by the spin of the nucleuses. Both these currents interact with each other.

Propagation of waves
Similar to sound waves, electromagnetic waves propagate through the alpha-negatron matrix utilizing compression and rarefaction. Electromagnetic waves can interact with physical matter they meet on the way and can be absorbed or their wavelengths altered according to the type of interaction involved. The wavelength can also be altered as a result of the interaction of another wave of different wavelength or the same wavelength but a different phase. This can result in a combined wave of a longer wavelength or even cancel each other out. This is the result of the combination of constructive and destructive inference from each wave. Electromagnetic waves can also demonstrate the Doppler Effect. Gravity is for intent and purpose an electromagnetic wave at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Gravity is caused by the interaction of the nucleus with the alpha-negatrons causing an overall effect of a current of alpha-negatrons moving towards the nucleus hence causing the pulling effect of matter. This current is in the form of a wave formed in the alpha-negatron matrix. Two atoms in close proximity will pull on one another on the same plane due to the rotation of the nucleuses in the same way as the alignment of planets occurs and this helps to form molecules through electron bonds. The pulling effect due to gravity in individual atoms in the above example is directional due to the spin of the nucleuses on one plane. A covalent bond is formed when atoms share valence electrons. This may be achieved by one atom flipping relative to another so that both the outer electrons are spinning in opposite directions allowing an electron to be shared in a covalent bond. This also results in the spins of both nucleuses spinning in opposite directions. Matter is three dimensional with the nucleuses of the atoms being evenly distributed within it and the rotations of the nucleuses are in all probability not synchronous and about half of the nucleuses are spinning in opposite directions relative to one another as explained above due to molecular bonding or by chance.  There are many types of molecular bonding but the overall above principles still apply.

The pushing effect of the electrons on the alpha-negatrons in conjunction with the pulling effect of the nucleus spinning may actually help to weave or modulate a wave in the alpha-negatron matrix. Oscillations produced when the positively charged nucleus spins results in waves in the alpha-negatron matrix. Oscillations are also produced in the alpha-negatron matrix when two adjacent nucleuses have opposite spins. Due to their close proximity and opposing spins the result is that greater agitation is achieved. This is analogous to the nucleus oscillating back and forth producing stronger waves. These waves are probably of different frequency than the single nucleus in the above example. The size of the nucleus also influences the frequency of the gravity wave. The size of the nucleus is dependent on the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus which is unique for each element.

The vast majority of gravity waves are produced as result of two adjacent nucleuses having opposite spins due to the nature of molecular bonding. Due to the size and close proximity of each nucleus as a result of molecular bonding, gravity waves from each set of nucleuses may also interact with each other causing an apparent phase difference. The resultant waves created are of longer wavelength with increased amplitude.
Gravity waves are in a small range as opposed to a fix frequency and probably fall in the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum due to the above effect. Gravity waves due to their nature of formation are unique in that they come in towards the source as opposed to other electromagnetic radiation which goes out from the source. Normal electromagnetic and gravity waves are respectively analogous to low and high tide of sea current. The latter explains why they have been difficult to detect and therefore not categorised.
Like matter the result of this compounded wave is three dimensional so it results in waves coming towards matter from all directions unlike sea waves coming towards the shore. The size of this current created is dependent on the size of the nucleus which in turn is dependent on the accumulation of the number of protons and neutrons within the nucleus. The net result is that gravity is directly proportional to mass; hence the periodic table gives us a proportional measure of mass. Two objects will pull on one another and the object with the larger mass such as the earth will have a proportionally greater pull. Gravity is a stabilising force, not just because it stops things flying about but is at work in all physical, chemical and biological processes. It may also be responsible for the stability of time on earth and is a vital component without which the formation and sustenance of life would be impossible.

Magnetism occurs due to the accumulation of mini whirlpools in the alpha-negatron matrix caused by the movement of electrons when the flow of electrons in multiple atoms becomes aligned and flowing in the same direction. This can happen in permanent magnets or in an electro-magnet when electrons are exchanged around a coiled wire. A current (I) goes through a wire and this aligns the electrons in the wire to produces a rotational magnetic field (F). This field only occurs due to the negatively charged electrons exerting a pushing and rotating effect on the negatively charged alpha-negatrons.
The direction of this rotational field can be determined by Maxwell’s right hand rule. When current flows through a wire, the direction of the electrons are aligned in such a manner that results in the motions of the electrons around nucleus being perpendicular to flow of the current and this pushes and stirs the alpha-negatrons producing a combined rotational whirlpool motion which manifests itself as a rotational magnetic field. This alignment of electrons can also occur in a permanent magnet due to the nature of how it is created.
There are many windings in a solenoid producing an accumulation of spiral magnetic currents.
These unified spiral magnetic currents push the alpha-negatrons to align from north to south in a closed north south circuit.
The alpha-negatrons are NOT moving from north to south but align to form a closed circuit field. A solenoid could be a coil on its own or with a ferrous material in the middle. Since the alpha-negatrons are also in between the spaces within an atom, they also align within the ferrous material forming a complete closed circuit from north to south. This principle also applies to a permanent magnet except that in a solenoid the alpha-negatrons go back to their normal position when the current is switched off.

Traditionally a permanent bar magnet is produced by repeatedly stroking a bar of metal with one pole of a magnet from top to the bottom or vice versa. This causes the spins of the electrons to be aligned analogous to a row of ball bearings being spun in one direction. The result is that a field is created identical to the one above in a solenoid.

Oscillations in the alpha-negatrons are needed to produce movement in the electrons in a coil just as oscillations in electron motion produces movement in the alpha-negatron matrix. This explains why electricity cannot be produced from still magnets. This would also explain why attempts to produce a self-perpetuating magnet motor have failed.  There is no flow of movement in the alpha-negatrons in a magnetic field hence why still magnetic fields do not disrupt the flow of gravity waves, radio waves or any other electromagnetic waves.

Unlike gravity a magnetic field is not in the form of a wave but a field similar to an electrostatic charge but with a different mode of action. The alpha-negatrons are stirred causing them to be aligned in a particular direction as opposed to producing waves in the alpha-negatron matrix.

In non-magnetic materials the flow of electrons in multiple atoms are not aligned and not flowing in the same direction so the whirlpool currents from each electron do not accumulate. The result is that the alpha-negatrons do not align to form a field. The formation of electron covalent bonds also inhibits the alignment of the alpha-negatrons in the matrix. In non-magnetic materials the overall effect on the object is that magnetic currents cancel each other out and the gravitational currents dominate. Magnetism appears to be a stronger force than gravity only because the electrons in multiple atoms can become aligned as explained above to produce a unified field. If the spins of the nucleuses in multiple atoms could be aligned as suggested in “The Pal Sahota theory of gravity and antigravity” (14/05/1987) then gravity would be a far stronger force than magnetism.

Apart from magnetic and non-magnetic materials there are also materials that exhibit Para magnetism and Diamagnetism. Paramagnetic elements are strongly affected by magnetic fields because their subshells are not completely filled with electrons. Diamagnetic materials contain only paired electrons spinning in opposite directions around the nucleus, thereby cancelling each other out and producing no magnetic field. Magnets possess the quality to attract some metals yet repel others, so the materials that magnets attract are magnetic and the materials that repel are diamagnetic.

A magnet has two poles irrespective of how it is created (permanent or electromagnet), a north and a south pole. In the above diagram of the solenoid, when viewed from the top of the north pole of the magnet the alpha-negatron alignment fields are coming outwards. When viewed from the top of the south pole of the magnet the alpha-negatron alignment fields are going inwards.

When two magnets are brought together with the like poles of each magnet facing each other (for example both north poles) then both the electron spins and the resulting forces of alignment from each magnet are moving in the opposite directions. There is a head on collision of the alpha-negatrons due to opposing forces of alignment and the magnets repel each other. Since the forces of alignment are stronger in the centre and close to the pole of each magnet, the closer both magnets get to each other the stronger the force of repulsion.

When two magnets are brought together with the opposite poles of each magnet facing each other (for example the north pole of one magnet and the south pole of another magnet) then both the electron spins and the resulting forces of alignment from each magnet are moving in the same direction. The forces of alignment are stronger in the centre and close to the pole of each magnet. Since both the forces of alignment in the alpha-negatron matrix are in the same direction, these combined forces of alignment in the alpha-negatron matrix merge in an attempt to unify both fields. The pull from each magnet becomes stronger the closer their respective poles get to each other and both magnets are forced to align themselves respective to the centre of each pole. This results in both the magnets being pulled together and a new field of alignment is created between the combined north and south poles of both magnets. This new field of alignment gets stronger and stronger as the distance between the two magnets is decreased while the original field of alignment for each magnet gets weaker and weaker until the two magnets meet. At this point the two magnets merge to form a new bigger magnet with a new unified field of alignment between the north pole of one magnet and south poles of the other magnet.

Electromagnetic radiation
Electromagnetic waves vary in wavelength according to which part of the electromagnetic spectrum they belongs to. Radio waves are created by causing a change in electron motion in a coil which in turn creates a wave in the alpha-negatron matrix due to its oscillations at a particular frequency. The motion of electrons going up and down in a coil will create waves in the alpha-negatron matrix by agitation just as they do in water when an object is moved up and down. Light waves are visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and they are created when an electron moves from an outer activated orbit to an inner orbital from within an atom. Energy is lost in the process when the electron moves from the outer activated orbit to the inner orbital creating a shock which in turn creates a very narrow wave at a specific wavelength in the alpha-negatron matrix. In traditional physics this is termed a photon which has supposedly properties of a wave and a particle but in reality no such particle exists.

Electromagnetic radiation such as x-rays, microwaves and gamma-rays are of shorter wavelength and are very penetrative. X-rays are created when electrons are accelerated and bombarded onto a harder material such as metal. Microwaves are created by various types of transmitter such as chip and an antenna in a mobile phone and a magnetron in a microwave. Gamma-rays are produced in nuclear reactions such as in stars and it involves the collision of high energy particles such as protons or neutrons. In all of the above a very powerful, narrow, short wave of a penetrative nature at the appropriate wave length is produced according to how this sharp shock is created in the alpha-negatron matrix.

An important implication of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is that particles behave in some respect like waves. The duality of electromagnetic radiation behaving like a particle and a wave can be explained through the alpha-negatron hypothesis as follows. Alpha-negatron particles like an electron have a fixed size and charge and electromagnetic waves propagate through the alpha-negatron matrix utilizing compression and rarefaction. Due to its above nature electromagnetic waves can be emitted or absorbed only in ‘packets’ and possess the properties of frequency, wavelength, amplitude and phase.

The phenomenon of gravity, magnetism and electromagnetic radiation manifests as a result of how the alpha-negatrons are moved or disturbed within this alpha-negatron matrix. As stated above alpha-negatrons are infinitely smaller than an electron and due to their negative charge are evenly spaced and form the three dimensional alpha-negatron matrix. Since the universe is submersed in these particles the distance between alpha-negatrons is very small and is relatively fixed. When one alpha-negatron is moved, this causes the surrounding alpha-negatrons to be moved.  Consider how fast a shock transfers energy or propagates it in the form of a wave in a metal or air as sound waves. This transfer of energy is faster in a metal than in air because the distance between the lattice structures of metals is much smaller than the distance between molecules that make up air and hence the speed of travel in metals is proportionally faster. This underlying principle can be applied to the alpha-negatrons and safely assume that the speed at which electromagnetic radiation travels in the alpha-negatron matrix is determined by the distance between each alpha-negatron.  Since the distance between each alpha-negatron is relatively fixed hence the speed of travel for electromagnetic waves is also relatively fixed. This is why the speed of light is considered to be a relative constant.  

The wavelength of an electromagnetic wave is inversely proportional to the wave frequency. A frequency of 30 MHz will produce an approximate wavelength of 10 metres. Since electromagnetic waves propagate at the speed of light, in the above example the time it takes to complete one cycle at 30 MHz the wave has travelled 10 metres. This makes sense as the approximate speed of light in vacuum is 300,000,000 m/s.
It should be possible to calculate how far the alpha-negatrons are apart in this alpha-negatron matrix since both the speed of light and sound is known and the distance between molecules that make up air can be estimated. This could give indirect proof for the possible existence of alpha-negatrons and give an estimate of how small these particles actually are in relation to other subatomic particles such as an electron, proton or a neutron. The size of the alpha-negatron is probably less than a quarter of the size of how far the alpha-negatrons are apart in this matrix.

If the distance between the alpha-negatrons were to be reduced then the increase in the speed of travel for electromagnetic waves would be inversely proportional to the distance and vice versa. There is evidence to suggest that the universe is expanding so it seems conceivable that the distance between each alpha-negatron is also being increased hence slowing the speed at which electromagnetic radiation travels. This movement of these alpha-negatrons in the expanding universe is linked to the dimension of time. As the universe expands the speed of time decreases more in space than on planets due to gravity keeping the alpha-negatrons pulled.
The famous Einstein’s equation E = mc2 was first published by Henri Poincare a French genius in 1901 four years before Einstein even published his paper on Relativity. Energy (E) is equal to the mass (m) times the velocity of light (c) squared. Nuclear fission and fusion demonstrate that colossal amounts of energy can be released from a very small amount of mass and that the energy which can be obtained from matter is directly proportional to its mass. No one has actually managed to convert the full mass into pure energy so apart from using the above formula, it’s unlikely that we can actually calculate accurately how much energy will be produced from matter if it was converted into pure energy. Is it a massive coincidence that the speed of light squared just happens to be the constant that completes the relationship between energy and mass? If the speed of light squared is the correct constant connecting energy and mass then why is the speed of light so significant?  Is this because the transfer of energy occurs through the alpha-negatron matrix and the rate of transfer of energy happens at the speed of light? This poses another question that if matter was converted into pure energy in a black hole, would this significantly release more energy than on earth?

Einstein’s General Relativity predicted that gravity bends space-time and that a person on earth would age faster than in space. Experiments have proven this to be true and the alpha-negatron hypothesis also supports this. Although the speed of travel in the alpha-negatron matrix or the speed of light is a relative ‘constant’, but as stated above it is dependent on the distance between each alpha-negatron in the matrix. Since the spinning positively charged nucleus has a pulling effect on the negatively charged alpha-negatrons in the matrix, this would bring the alpha-negatrons closer together than they would normally be without this pulling force which manifests itself as gravity at planetary level. The alpha-negatron hypothesis predicts that accurate measurements for the speed of light in vacuum on earth and that in space would show that light travels faster on earth in vacuum than in space due to the gravitational force. The dimension of time is linked to the alpha-negatron matrix proportionally in the same way as the speed of light is linked to the alpha-negatron matrix. This implies that as the speed of travel in the alpha-negatron matrix increases due to the effect of gravity, time is also executed faster as a result. This is analogous to increasing the clock speed in the CPU on a computer to execute more instructions.  On earth due to air molecules the speed of light is slowed down but the passage of time it not affected due to its nature and dimension which is interwoven in the fabric of the alpha-negatron matrix hence the term space-time. A planet’s gravitation force pulls and bends the alpha-negatron matrix around the planets and is responsible for the curvature of space-time. Alpha-negatrons are the key to understanding the relativity of space-time.

The Danish scientist Niels Bohr in 1913 suggested that electrons can only orbit at specified set distances and experimental evidence has proven this to be true. This can be explained through the alpha-negatron hypothesis due to the electrostatic pulling force of the positively charged proton on the negatively charged electrons and the very strong magnetic forces occurring at the sub-atomic level keeping the electrons in well-defined orbits. The size of the positive charge of a nucleus is dependent on the number of protons in the nucleus. The size of the nucleus is dependent on the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. The spin of the nucleus apart from creating gravity waves in the alpha-negatron matrix also pulls the alpha-negatrons into a spiral motion due to its positive charge thereby compressing and aligning the alpha-negatrons around the nucleus. The movement of the electrons in the first orbit pushes the alpha-negatrons into mini whirlpools compressing and aligning the alpha-negatrons around the nucleus due to their negative charge. Both the fields of alignment from the electron and the nucleus interact and there is a head on collision of both fields of alignment resulting in a magnetic repulsion force between the two fields. This results in the electrons in the first orbital having a fixed well-defined orbit. The distance of the first orbital is determined by the size of the nucleus, its positive charge and the number of electrons in the first orbital. Subsequent well-defined orbits are also created due to the fields of alignment created by electrons from each orbit interacting with fields of alignment created by electrons from the neighbouring orbits. The distance of the subsequent well-defined orbitals are determined by the number of electrons in each orbit which is responsible for the strength of the field of alignment around that orbit which interact with neighbouring field of alignment created by the accumulation of electrons in the neighbouring orbit.

If these mini magnetic fields were to be disrupted by a strong enough tidal force in the alpha-negatron matrix in the form of electromagnetic radiation at the right frequency and phase then the atom would collapse. This could form the basis for a cold nuclear fusion reactor.

There have been quite a few ‘unified theories’ in recent years. In an effort to unravel the mysteries of the universe, physicists have concentrated on the nucleus of an atom and hence the building of the Large Hadron Collider thereby completely ignoring what is outside the atom. This ‘empty’ space in between atoms is the ‘thread’ that connects all matter. Most of modern technology is based on the above phenomenon exhibited as a result of these tiny alpha-negatron particles. Intelligence and consciousness has to be based on communication. There can be no better medium of communication than through these tiny particles. Is it possible that there is ‘universal consciousness’ based on the collective interaction of all matter? If one particle deserves greater credit by being called the ‘god particle’ it has to be the alpha-negatron. Lord Krishna is reported to have said in the Bhagavad Gita that “I am the ‘thread’ that binds the universe”.
“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”
― Max Planck




Kiri Campbellabout an hour ago · 



Sovereign Kiri did this to provide basic needs to her family as per her entitlement as she no longer had faith in a tyrannous system of professional fraud which the criminal court is opening its arms wide to and providing a safe haven with endorsement. A tyrannous system that is stealing entitlements from the mouths of thousands of starving children across NZ (1 in 10 children). To be able to stand and say to those parents who put to bed their hungry children and/or cold children and/or fear of homelessness whilst the system continues to rape their rights to basic needs - whilst the system enjoy their $9000 lunches and $150 underwear - you CAN provide a secure future for your family. Sovereign Kiri took the beast by the horns and demonstrated to all families - you can feed, clothe and house your children without fear! We the people have no faith in systems established by a government who increases their wealth, their waste lines, and ensures their early retirement by stripping away the clothes off our backs.

How? She exchanged services lawfully. Sovereign Kiri submitted letters of intent with sufficient and reasonable time for the recipients to respond. They did not and by said failure to register any dispute against the claims made, resulted in an automatic default judgement and permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence barring the bringing of charges under any statute, act or regulation against Freeman-on-the-land Kiri Lee: Campbell, for the purpose of exercising her lawful and properly established rights, freedoms and inherent duties as a Sovereign throughout the Commonwealth and as such a peaceable person. The Banks have all been foreclosed! They are illegally engaging in commerce daily, and by their actions are gaining pecuniary Fraud. If the Crown is alleging Sovereign Kiri is engaging in pecuniary fraud, then by just cause, ALL CUSTOMERS are also engaging in pecuniary fraud at every transaction - ATM, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. Does the Crown then intend to arrest every NZ citizen for the same allegations?! The documents submitted by Sovereign Kiri informed clearly and with no prejudice, malice, or intent to act unlawfully by Common Law, outlines the matter regarding the TSB and allegations of Pecuniary Advantage note the foreclosure of the banking system for cause in profiteering and operating private money systems, profiteering and operating a debt slavery system, and committing treason against the one people. The TSB Bank failed to provide the following: I. Produce documentation of the history of the origin of funds that your bank purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to any money allegedly loaned. History and origin of funds must show at least three [3] generations of the origin of funds; II. Produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds [prior title, ownership, and rights] from loaner to borrower [invoicing/receipts]. (All documentation may be redacted to preserve any and all privacy laws). No documentation exists as all loans have been proven nor have they been presented to date. Further, all "money" and any other representation of value was and is backed by the energy and value of the people. This value has been duly secured under Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Record No. 2000043135 unrebutted. The creditor and creator of any and all representations of value also known as "money" by depositing her secured Certificate of Value, a representation of her choice, in a value for value exchange. Failure to honor her value without a valid lawful reason, or failure to rebutt the UCC filings point for point with particularity and specifically would implicate in TSB Bank continuing to uphold a debt slavery system fully liable and responsible. This being a true and an accurate account of the business transactions of the TSB bank, it is only reasonable that the CEO and Manager for this incorporation be presented in these proceedings and that they too are made accountable for the same allegations put forward by the corporation 3238729 also known as the NZ Police.

To foreclose a business is to declare bankruptcy!! "Foreclosure is a specific legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments to the lender by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan." (Wikipedia). Hence, to continue providing services whilst being foreclosed is pecuniary fraud in action. For example, if a bank has approximately 1,000,000 customers and they all do an average of 20 transactions per day, then a bank is then committing pecuniary fraud 20,000,000,000 per day.

One may consider her actions to be intentionally inciting political advantage, such as what was considered by the Lay Representative Claire Muncaster's legal representative Paul Keegan (not Kiri's as recorded). One may consider Sovereign Kiri did this "for the money". One may consider she - as alleged - engaged in pecuniary fraud. Sovereign Kiri sojourns in a country, that for now, allows her the freedom to challenge systems of tyranny and discord. It appears to me in a country that is declared to be in recession... the systems that are there to ensure the wellbeing of every person the system is not undertaking their oaths. If there was any political advantages Sovereign Kiri has, it is merely to expose the naked truth of what is happening to our country that is being raped daily by those appointed in office to protect us. We have a system that provides entitlements that is $250 a week UNDER the Henderson Poverty Line. Those in the system, ensure their entitlements so they can return to their warm homes, nice cars, tasteful clothing, food laden cupboards. So what is the political advantage when she wanted to provide for her six children and family the SAME entitlements? The insistence Sovereign Kiri did this "for the money" is absurd.

Now let us consider the above points. She is well aware of her own value - which is in fact 10 billion dollars - as is for every person sojourning or residing in NZ. There is a huge difference in value between what she requested and what she was lawfully able to obtain. Sovereign Kiri requested a lesser amount as she considered the needs of herself and her family, and the services she wishes to provide to others seeking assistance. Unlike the government who has been gracious to place a $40,000 debt per person totally $18,000,000,000,000 PER DAY. So... who is doing what for the money?? Finally, regarding the Crown's allegations. These allegations cannot possibly be substantiated as there is no evidence to support any intentional acts to behave or engage in fraud. In short, Kiri was taken under duress, has signed every document under duress, was beaten and physically forced to present before the criminal court who appointed a lawyer for her lay representative as she refused legal counsel. Despite the police's allegations, they have treated her like a terrorist refusing her bail on Saturday the 27th July stating she was a 'risk' and continue to site this in court!

From a commercial perspective - Sovereign Kiri is a risk to their system as they are well aware they have no lawful jurisdiction to enforce their will under Common Law coupled with the strength of the Magna Carta. The fear was evident as the policy enforcement officers, also known as NZ Police, kept her "in transit" moving her from Police station to station and Court House to Court House, and in fact - their actions appear to be one of terrorists (perhaps this is who PM John Key is referring to - the NZ Police are trained Al Qaeda, they certainly acted outside of their scope of practice and oath). If she was "innocent until proven guilty", why did they prevent her from being able to seek assistance from her Lay Representative, provide her with material to prepare her Affidavits, provide her with 3 meals a day, provide her with evidence of the Magistrates Oath, provide her with physical evidence or proof of the charges and allegations and moved her around to denying her rights to prepare herself for court? One PM stated these ancient laws are "bullshit", which leads us to believe the Magistrate and Ministers/Officers of the Crown consider themselves as 'Esquires' as they do not believe in the common law and under common law there is no 'titles' just 'we the people'; where the people make the decisions and outcomes - doing no harm. How can the Crown breach their oath, remove a mother from her children, cause personal injury and harm to an individual, and protect a foreclosed business, and claim this to be lawful? Who then, are the criminals in this matter - you decide.