Destiny of a young Afghan | Afghan Youth Voices Festival

Written by Shogufa Ziarmel

There was a young Afghan living in Lugar province that had finished his school with difficulties. He successfully passed the university entry exam. His mother wanted his son to get educated so he can serve his war effected country and help his mother and sisters in the future.

His mother accepted to tolerate all possible hardships of life in other for her son to do his education. She sent her son to the city to do his education. This young boy with the some money that he gained from selling his cow went to Kabul. He didn’t have any relatives in Kabul. When he arrived to Kabul he passed one night on a street. This way he could save some money because he was not paying for hotel. The next morning after praying and eating a piece of bread as breakfast, he went to the university. He was asking about how he can get dorm in the university. He talked about his problems with the dormitory in charge. The dormitory officials noticed his poorness from his appearance. Those persons used to take bribes from applicants. So, they started to make fun of him and made him to leave the office.

He went to the classroom. When the instructor came to the class, he said that from now on he doesn’t want to see anyone with traditional clothes in the class. The young boy had to spend some of his money to buy second hand clothes, though he needed that money for education. He remembered his mother that was advising him to follow the education. He tolerated all troubles because of his mother’s words. He got a job in a bakery as labor. He had to study evening time because he was working during the day. This way he was struggling with problems. He went to his home after six month with little money for his family. This young boy finished his undergraduate with top grades despite all difficulties and he wanted to come home after four years of education.

He was thinking about his wishes for his old mother and sisters and how to serve them as he was coming home. Because of this he didn’t go to sleep that night.

The next morning he left the city for his village when the sun rose, but he had never met his mother.

As he was carrying his certificate, some people by the name of Taliban captured him. They headed him off because they believed he works for governmental organizations. They sent his body which was separated from his head to his mother. His mother got a heart attack after seeing the dead body of her son and passed away. The sisters had to put their mother and brother in the grave. They had to continue their hard and trouble life after that.

This was the destiny of a young Afghan.

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