Trick and fraud | Afghan Youth Voices Festival

Written by Abdull Bari Rajabi 

There were some animals living around the jungle. A fox and a camel were living among them.

Once upon a time, the fox proposed the camel for a friendship. The fox said: it would be great if we live together from now on, and we can share our properties. Your children are like my children and mine are like yours. We can pass the time happily if we do so.

The camel who was not aware of the fox’s cunning, accepted the proposal.

After a while, the camel went out of home to get some food. It was a good time for the fox to do his plan. The fox stole the camel’s child and took it to a safe place. He ate the camel’s child.

When the camel came back home, he figured out that his child is not at home. He asked the fox where his child is.

“Don’t say my child, say our child. I am sad because of losing our child”, said the fox.

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