Toronto Autistic Adult Network (TAAN) (Toronto, ON) - Meetup

Meet other Asperger's and Autistic individuals in your local Toronto Autistic Spectrum Community for adults, and young adults ages 18 and up.  Gather to share and make friends in a friendly, accepting, social space. The group is intended to create a community both online and in real life, so it's important to participate in events.  Events range from IM discussion, hikes, coffee & games to potlucks & road trips, hopefully something for everyone's interests.

Why Autistic Spectrum?  We want all individuals to feel welcome, whatever labels one may use to identify themselves;  Aspergers, Aspie, PDD-NOS, Autistic, AS Identified - All are Welcome!


Let your hair down and relax among your true peers who require no explanations.  Run FOR and BY individuals on the Autistic Spectrum this community is for you! - Nan

If you are an Autistic adult with (including those who's docs won't rule it out even though they believe they are on the Spectrum) then this is a place for you. This group provides support, education and advocacy through non-professional lived experience sharing. The intention of this group is to create a safe space where we can build on our ability to advocate for ourselves.        - SocialWorks


NOTE:  While we welcome all individuals this is not a group for those offering professional services to autistic adults.   We are a community of autistic adults who regularly meet with each other socially, and to share our experiences with other autistics.  Thank You.  

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