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Dale Farm petition

Posted by Ellie on August 26, 2011, 10:43 pm

Apologies if posted already, but the eviction's imminent


See also http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/supporters-of-traveller-community-confront-eviction-with-protest-camp/

On August 27th, days before an ultimatum given to Travellers at Dale Farm in Essex expires, supporters will gather to confront the impending eviction. They will be setting up a base, called Camp Constant, from which they will protest the eviction and organise human rights monitoring of police and bailiffs. Supporters are coming to the camp from as far away as Sweden, and some are planning to engage in civil disobedience to resist the eviction, which will make the 100 families homeless. Families at Dale Farm have been given until August 31st to abandon their homes or face bulldozing. The protest camp is welcoming supporters to come for the weekend for workshops and cultural celebrations, and will remain at Dale Farm throughout the eviction.

Dale Farm is home to the largest Traveller community of it�s kind in the
UK, and sits atop a former scrapyard which was purchased by the community thirty years ago.

Basildon Council intends to cut water and electricity supplies from Dale
Farm after of the eviction notice period expires. Amnesty International have condemned this as it will leave sick, elderly, young, and pregnant residents without access to water or electricity. Because no alternative sites have been accepted by the Council, families will be forced to either stay at Dale Farm with no water or electricity, or become homeless.

(contd at link)

And Dale Farm Travellers prepare for imminent eviction battle
UN rights experts urge UK to resolve eviction threat for Irish Travell


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