Schapelle Corby Is Dying: Please Help Her

Australia has a mentally ill citizen dying in a foreign hell hole and its government hasn't lifted a finger to help. That is the stark truth which the world is currently seeing. After 5 long long years Schapelle Corby is in a serious condition: her mental health as failed and she is a danger to herself and at risk of exploitation from others. But she remains abandoned, and has apparently been left to die. Time is now short if her life is to be saved.

Here are some comments from, Dr Phillips, former president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, who recently examined her:
"She is now helpless, hopeless, feels useless, she feels alienated, she feels removed from the rest of humanity,"
"By any normal definition of insane, Schapelle is sadly in that category."
"She is in a situation where she could easily move forward to kill herself."
"Schapelle has now cut herself quite severely and many times over on two occasions."
"She is hanging on by a thread"

From being a totally healthy young woman, she desperately needs to be in a hospital in her home country, just to survive.

Yet, incredibly, the government talks about the long term. The reality is that if they don't act now, Schapelle will be leaving Kerobokan Prison anyway: her body will be taken out in a box.

Pick up the telephone, Mr Rudd, and get her home, rather than hiding behind a smokescreen which cannot save her. Her life depends upon you.

To everyone reading this page, PLEASE write a letter to the Australian Prime Minister urging him to help. Here is a template letter to give an idea: Write To Kevin Rudd

Schapelle Corby has suffered the sort of mental torture which would have broken anyone. She is destroyed, and will die on a filthy rat infested cell floor one way or another unless she is brought home. If action isn't taken soon it will be too late - her tortured soul will finally have found peace.

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