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You Can Sabotage Yourself With Your Own Words

“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” ~Pearl Strachan

Are you undermining yourself, both personally and professionally with your very own words? I know I’ve been guilty of it myself, more than once. I was fortunate to have a friend point it out to me so I try to be more conscious of my word choice. I have seen women in the workplace especially do this, but they’re not the only ones. Men can also fall victim to self sabotage.

Discrediting Yourself

Anytime you make a statement or give an opinion followed by something that discredits your own idea, you are sabotaging yourself.  Take for instance, a message that I received this week from an educated, intelligent, and savvy businesswoman who was giving me feedback on a document that I asked her to review. She listed some excellent suggestions but then followed them with, “Maybe these comments are too late..if so, no problem, they were just fussy little things anyway.” There was nothing fussy about her suggestions, and yet, with one comment, she discredited her own ideas.

Your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions have value. Give them the credit they deserve by stating them confidently without minimizing their importance. You will find that others will value what you have to say, when you see your own value.

The “I’m Sorry” Statement

Apologizing when you’ve done something wrong is never a bad thing. However, overusing the “I’m sorry” statement shows a lack of self confidence.  If you say you’re sorry for every little thing, you are taking the blame for things that aren’t your fault.

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