Women say farewell to their wardrobes for Lent | This is Bath

Two Bath women are giving up most of their wardrobes for Lent.

Janine Woodward and Angelique Mulholland, who met through the city's Amnesty group, will only have six main items of clothing to choose from for the 40 days.

They are hoping their efforts will raise money and awareness for Bristol-based charity Labour Behind the Label, which campaigns for a better deal for fashion industry factory workers.

Janine, who is in her 30s, said: "The people who pay the prices for our fashion are the garment workers and not us.

"They get paid a very low wage and are forced to work in very poor conditions.

"Suppliers in the UK push for more and more and give less and less. We have to appreciate the true cost of our clothes."

She added: "We have to accept that wearing them a few times just isn't sustainable and we need to tell the true story of the garment workers and change our attitude."

Angelique said: "We're really hoping that giving up our wardrobes and choice of clothes for Lent will raise awareness about these important issues."

Janine said the biggest challenge would be remembering to wash her clothes so they are ready for the next day but hoped it would change her own attitude to her wardrobe.

The pair, who are hoping to raise more than £250, are allowed to accessorise their outfits and friends who sponsor them £10 will be able to give them an accessory of their choice.

Janine said: "My friends have already told me I will be wearing a Mexican sombrero and a pink tutu."

To sponsor them, visit http://tinyurl.com/6nhbus9.>

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