Mission Statement - May12, 2012 Neuroimmune Diseases 20th Anniversary International Awareness Day

Mission Statement

May12.org’s mission is to raise Global Awareness for Neuroimmune Diseases including the following:

·         Lyme Disease - LD
·         Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – M.E.
·         Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS
·         Gulf War Illness - GWI
·         Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - MCS
·        Chronic Myofascial Pain
·         Mold/Biotoxin Illness
·         Fibromyalgia - FM
·   P.O.T.S. & OI

·  Autism

                                                      ·         Alzheimer’s
·         Addison’s

·         Lupus
·         Epilepsy
·         Parkinson’s
·         Lou Gehrig’s - ALS
·         Multiple Sclerosis - MS

We believe that raising awareness of neuroimmune diseases will increase  funding for research, provide for better treatment, and eventually lead to a CURE for these debilitating, disabling and often “invisible” diseases.


 Our goals to raise awareness include:

♦        Holding respectful global public demonstrations to aid in removing
the stigma attached to these illnesses.

♦        Educating medical personnel, pharmacists, hospitals, and the public on
the facts of these diseases and current research being performed.

♦        Raising funding for research to identify biomarkers for proper diagnosis 
and clinical trials.

♦        Promoting FDA/government approved medications for these conditions.

♦        Advocating for more sensitive disease testing, specifically for Lyme Disease.

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