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Aussie accidentally scams Nigerian scammers -

A group of Nigerian scammers should have checked the references of their Aussie accomplice a little more carefully.

According to the Courier Mail, the scammers set up an internet car fraud and used a Brisbane woman Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey, 23 to be their Aussie front.

Cochrane-Ramsey says she did not know the Nigerians were scammers, her roll was just to provide them with a bank account and collect eight percent of the takings for her work.

However, when the scam netted $30,000 from their internet car sales racket, she decided to keep all the money and went shopping.

Obvously, the Nigeran scammers did not complain to the police, but the car buyers who were ripped off complained to Inspector Knacker of the Brisbane Yard who popped around and knocked on the door of Cochrane-Ramsey.

If the Nigerians carried out a background check on Cochrane-Ramsey they would have discovered she had previous form for stealing and property offences.

She admitted one charge of aggravated fraud and the court seemed to think that she did not know that the Nigerians were scamming, she just thought she was ripping off some ordinary employers.

Judge Terry Martin described her as having a "dishonest bent" but adjourned the sentence to allow her time to provide further details of money she claimed was in a bank account that would allow her to make some repayments. 

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