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Ever heard the phrase HEAD FUCKED?

Autonomy found the phrase new but could understand it… found it very apt in verbal conversation but not a good looker when it came to reports and official paperwork…


n. Anything confusing, that interferes with the usual functioning of the brain.

or a headfuck

Someone who has lost their mind, who does not make any sense when they talk or is just plain CRAZY!

1. To over-think to the point of confusion 
2. To have thoughts of random things circle in your head 
To have your brain so mashed by events that you are headfucked

The phrase 'fuck' is not used in any way sexually - it is used in a way that is also used to describe machinary that's broken - "That machine is fucked! It blew up!"

The phrase headfucked is used often by mental patients when asked after by their carers - it denotes a particularly bad day or a day the same as all the last depressing ones, or painfilled ones, or traumatic ones


I hate them but I have had many in my life… 


That’s what my kit is about… sorting out the head fucks in the world today… but you need the kit in place to do the job…


People with head fucks often are the last people who can coordinate life well


People with head fucks can get very screwed up about completely the wrong thing


People with head fucks hurt themselves, those around them and society…


People with head fucks cost this country HUGE amounts of money


People with head fucks kill themselves which hurts those around them


People with head fucks kill others…


People with head fucks distort life around them…


People with head fucks work in positions of power… then they really do distort society around them


Head fucks slow progress


Head fucks don’t need to be there…


Find the right answers and head fucks go away….


But how many answers do you need to go through before you find the right one? Sometimes one sometimes thousands…


How do you find answers in the normal world?


You ask


You tune in by asking more and more until you finally, hopefully get the name of the person who can help you or the item that can help you or… whatever your need is…


So, who do you ask?


how about your telephone…


Why not go further… whilst you are making this talk-to system why not store all dialogue from that person and use it to analyse them and their lives for their benefit and with their prior need for this service….

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