Doesn't it make more sense for a bit of technology to understand what you are asking of it rather than you having to learn how to program it in order that you get the right answers.


Autonomy uses it's Intelligent Data Operating Layer or IDOL to comprehend the data as it comes into the machine so that, from that moment on, it only has to wait for you to ask a question about that data for it to find that data based on hearing what you say, understanding what you say and going to find the docs or videos or whatever that contain the data that is the answer to your question...

Don't forget, it already understands the data - all it is doing is retrieving what matches what you ask - also don't forget, it understands what you are saying.

Doesn't it make more sense for a bit of technology to understand what you are asking of it rather than you having to learn how to program it in order that you get the right answers?




Until a few years ago data on individuals was held on an ad-hoc basis on paper, microfiche or on mainframe computer by large companies, governments and government organisations – hospitals, etc..

 With the advent of the world wide web and cheaper, faster computers data on individuals started to become a standard ‘must’ for most companies, both large and small, to help them sell their products to the largest markets possible. Networking allows governments to consolidate data on individuals – in the main to give better service to those individuals.

 If you look at an individuals life today you now have two timelines – theirs and the digital data life that runs beside them - until their deaths and beyond.

This can be used to aid their lives and this is one of the main aspects that Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) sets out to exploit for their benefit from now onwards.

System Additions 


A system that would help millions of people join in with this world without having to have a computer and the internet - a system that kicks the ‘digital divide’ into a cocked hat.

A system that will give answers to people when they want them.

A system that will help them with their personal lives and their lives regarding interaction with the rest the society around them.

A system that will help with lifelong learning.

A system that allows their thoughts and memories to have value.

A system that gives millions of people the chance to use their brains for personal and social gain.

A system that finds them personal help when they need it.

A system that will get rid of ‘Big Brother’ once and for all.

A system that allows growth unfettered by the chains of local negative thinking.

A system that works on their behalf whilst they do other things.

A system that has applications designed to stabilise society by stabilising and helping individuals.

A system that is designed to give people the ability to help each other without necessarily knowing each other (anonymously).

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace)

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) is designed to be useful on multiple levels and, therefore, profitable, on many levels. Autonomy technology is designed for ease of access and expansion - Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) has been designed to outsource most of its components including un-burstable network capacity for times of stress - personal, local, regional, national and international/global.

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) uses industry standard hardware and readily available software.

There is nothing new regarding Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) technology other than its new focus.

The whole of Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace)'s superstructure will be designed to allow access on behalf of aid agencies, charities and ngo's in times of disaster - much of Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) is aimed at destressing normal human life by providing real and practical help, suggestions and answers.

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) was created giving very strong regard to isolated people and their particular problems - these include mental illness, physical isolation, racial isolation and financial isolation (Actual and relative poverty).



Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) is not a single format company with limited types of use with a limited market place.


Using the technology created by Autonomy, created for use in major businesses and for government uses, Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) gives the individual the power of that technology for their own use. It also gives SME’s the power of that technology at a price that is affordable. It also gives groups of any size the ability to use this technology for the betterment of the group and each individual in the group.


Acting for, and on behalf, of the client without interaction with other people or used as an automated switchboard to connect with like minds – the use of the powerful profiling tools built into Autonomy allows a quality of safe interaction only experienced by members of large groups or organisations already using Autonomy.


Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace), powered by Autonomy, also allows for a number of games that can be run on a real time basis and Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) can also act autonomously for the client even when they are offline.


Designed to help with normal life but especially for social exclusion - mental health - education - independence - social and personal problems, stress, the digital divide,  disasters.


projectbrainsaver is a new set of tools for Life management, delivering revolutionary solutions that enable 100% real-time help within society now.



A hot new service that works for you while you get on with life - Works with any phone. 2004





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