Women for Schapelle: Schapelle Corby & Julian Assange, a Letter to Human Rights Lawyer Jennifer Robinson

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Julian Assange, a Letter to Human Rights Lawyer Jennifer Robinson

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Dear Jennifer,

You're an Australian, now publicly supporting fellow Australian Julian Assange. You're also (apparently), skilled in the application of the law, and human rights. So I'm wondering what kind of blindness leads you to openly mention Schapelle Corby, in this article, with such disregard for the facts, disrespect for her situation - and accusations of getting "Better" treatment from the Australian Government than Assange.

What's the matter, is your disinterest so great you can't even be bothered to do a simple Google search before you put pen to paper? This is link number two when you search on her name. Is it too difficult for you to peruse that information?

For your education, you need to hope and pray Julian Assange doesn't get the same kind of "Help" as Schapelle, because if he does, he doesn't stand a chance. Were you asleep when the Government-supplied QC Mark Trowell said he never acted for Schapelle, and claimed he was there just there to protect the interests of the Australian government? Did you know Trowell's conduct in the case was so bad, he was judged guilty of unprofessional conduct by his peers? (Scroll to pages 3 & 4) - and his public actions devastated her appeal? Did you know he was a close friend of the Minister at the time, Chris Ellison?

"Mr Hutapea and the rest of Corby's original legal team say that instead of helping, Mr Trowell's comments have harmed Corby's appeal and diverted criticism from the Federal Government. Because of his friendship with the Minister for Justice, Chris Ellison, and his former role in the West Australian Liberal Party, they see him as a wrecker."
I would also suggest to you those in power are far more terrified of Schapelle, than Julian - that's if the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Both you and Julian are plastered all over the mainstream media, and openly speaking your mind - while not a single outlet has reported the devastating information contained in this new documentary, though every fact is backed up by irrefutable evidence. They won't even come out and criticise it, because it would draw attention to the truth.

Maybe it's because Julian's not "Ordinary" - but Schapelle's so thoroughly average, we could be her, it's easy to identify. The truth's horrifying, the truth shows the Australian Government wilfully sacrificed an innocent citizen for political expediency, and to cover up corruption at the highest levels. That's also what Max Igan graphically points out here.

And as for the usual trendies, they're showing their real colours by refusing to lift a finger - even though every fact in this graphic news ad is frighteningly true. Though the same crowd buried their heads in the sand when Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers was murdered to cover up corruption, and Senior Customs Officer Allan Kessing was bankrupted.

Maybe some secrets are far too dangerous Jennifer?

Regards, Kim

Posted via email from Schapelle