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Design a space plaque and win an HP Z1 and a copy of Avid Studio

40 years ago, Nasa launched its Pioneer space probe. Attached to it was a gold plaque featuring information about Earth and humanity just in case it was found by intelligent life-forms from another planetary system. Wired.co.uk is inviting designers, artists and scribblers to create a modern interpretation of that plaque for a chance to win an HP Z1 workstation and a copy of Avid Studio.

The plaque should represent human life on Earth in 2012. It should provide a visual snapshot that would help extra-terrestrial life forms understand what human beings look like and what wonders they could expect to find should they stumble upon Earth. It can be serious or silly, realistic or impressionistic.

How to enter

1) Read about the original Pioneer plaque here

2) Come up with a design for a modern plaque that you think would best represents humanity and Earth to extra-terrestrial intelligent life forms. Make sure it is landscape and at an aspect ratio of 1.5:1.

3) Send in your design as a JPEG or PNG by midnight on Monday 12 March to wiredcompetitions [at] gmail [dot] com

4) The best entries will be shortlisted and posted onto Wired.co.uk for voting by Friday 16 March

5) The shortlist will be open to public vote until 30 March

6) The winner will be announced on 2 April



HP's Z1 is the World's First 27-inch All-in-One Workstation, combining the performance of a workstation with the good looks of an all-in-one to meet the most demanding visualization and computing needs. The Z1's 27-inch white LED diagonal display supports more than 1 billion colours and snaps open to let you easily swap out parts and make upgrades.

The soon-to-be-launched workstation is generously equipped with quad-core Intel Xeon processors, huge amounts of storage and memory to give you all the space you should ever need. With a wireless keyboard, mouse and HD camera the Z1 is a must have for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest technology.


Avid Studio
Avid Studio is a piece of consumer video creation and editing software that lets hobbying videographers and editing enthusiasts transform their videos, photos and audio files into rich, multimedia experiences. This high-performance yet easy-to-use editing solution delivers powerful media editing features, stabilisation technology, and interface functionality leveraged from Avid Media Composer -- the software used by the majority of Oscar-winning film editors in the past two decades.

Terms & Conditions
Terms of entry for this competition can be found on Wired.co.uk's Competition Terms & Conditions page.

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