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hot dog! permies.com is now the largest permaculture site on the internet!

Most folks are looking for the full collection of permaculture forums. Within that there is the permaculture forum and forums on green building, organic / sustainable practices, woodland care, homestead and more. Some of the topics include:

Shortcut to the forum for missoula. Some of the topics include:

I also have a Missoula blog.

permaculture articles:

  • The mighty, the glorious, the amazing, Sepp Holzer and my notes on my advanced permaculture training with him
  • Heat your home with five to ten times less wood by using rocket mass heaters
  • No more chicken poop, eliminate the cost of chicken feed and leave for up to ten days of vacation without worrying about chickens
  • A little knowledge can give you a cast iron skillet that will be non stick and last hundreds of years
  • Less work and less money for lawn care
  • You can eat diatomaceous earth but it instantly kills bed bugs, fleas and all bugs
  • Don't panic! flea control can be organic and freaky cheap

permaculture videos:

  • shipping container house - insulated, cheap and super quick
  • Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski on wildcrafting nettles plus a little about bone healing herbs
  • cobville tour
  • 500 hot showers from one small compost pile
  • hot water via wood, solar and micro hydro
  • demo of frying eggs on a cast iron skillet
  • several Sepp Holzer videos
  • several videos of Mike Oehler and his structures
  • several rocket mass heater videos
  • lots more!

permaculture podcast

permaculture blog

seattle and puget sound eco calendar

Finally, one calendar with all of the local events, managed by a human being!

permies.com swag

We now have obnoxious loot! Mugs and tshirts ... and coffee art!

permies.com buddies

Links, resources, friends, etc.

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