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Narco Killings

This site is devoted to tracking the number of narco related killings in Mexico on a Google map (below).

From May 15, 2010 to December 2010 the narco related killings were extensively mapped here. Data was used from "El Universal", one of Mexico's national newspapers (as well as "El Diario" for the killings in Juarez). At first the reportage from El Universal was comprehensive, however, El Universal's reporting was becoming less and less exact with only vague references such that mapping events from El Universal is now inconsistent (and I cannot blame the reporters). Thus, although there are still the occasional updates from El Universal that are still added, other sources (such as "El Blog del Narco" or "Mundo Narco") will also be used (here). I believe that mapping the over 52,000 killings (and rising) is a useful visual tool for what is occurring here in Mexico (in fact Diego Valle uses this data in his blog here). The current map (below) tracks the most recent killings while the respective links are maps from 2010 to the present.

The RED balloons are civilians. The RED balloons with a dot are high profile killings. LIGHT BLUE pushpins are journalists, and the PURPLE pushpins for politicians. The BLUE balloons are police officers and soldiers (and other law enforcement). The BLUE balloons with a dot are high ranking officers. The YELLOW suns represent car bombs while the 2 GREEN people represent mass graves. [2011] Nov 04 to present Oct 28 to Nov 04 Oct 20 to Oct 28 Oct 13 to Oct 20 Oct 05 to Oct 13 Sept 25 to Oct 05 Sept 15 to Sept 25 Sept 06 to Sept 15 Aug 25 to Sept 06 Aug 17 to Aug 25 Aug 8 to Aug 17  July 28 to Aug 8 July 19 to July 28 July 04 to July 19 June 21 to July 04 June 07 to June 21  May 11 to June 07 March 01 to May 11 Jan 16 to Feb 28 [2010] Oct 25 to Jan 15 2011 Aug 15 to Oct 25 July 11 to Aug 11 June 11 to July 11 May 15 to June 11 


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