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I do not like coincidences

With the death of 2 interior ministers in the sexenio of President Calderón, I, along with many others, cannot help but wonder if the death of Juan Camilo Mouriño Terrazo 3 yrs ago [1] was a deliberate assassination, that the perpetrators, relying upon the successful cover-up decided to try again, this time with José Francisco Blake Mora [2]. Perhaps the narcos are feeling empowered enough to raise their sights from the killing of netizens [3] local mayors/politicians, and the occasion high-ranking police officer, to high level government officials (Blake Mora would be the one to step into the role of president if President Calderón were to die). IF this was an assassination it is troubling especially in light of recent reports that have claimed that the country has, basically, fallen to the narcos, namely a division between the two most powerful TCOs, the Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel, such that, if there ever was a war, Calderón has lost [4].

This is all speculation at this point in time, but unfortunately Calderón has brought the country to a point where such speculation is rampant and is weighted with credulity, that there is a war, that there is an enemy, one who has the capability and motivation to successfully pursue such assassinations. 

For the rest of the country, it is a war that has done little other than to bring about great pain and misery and introduce state sponsored, systemic human rights abuses [5]. 

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